Qi, Student

It is really an honor for me to write this recommendation for Mr. Alex Detmering, who is my literature and morality teacher in CQU. It has been a long while since he asked me to write a recommendation for him, because I do not know how to start. There is so much I want to say about his classes. This is absolutely the most wonderful class I have attended in my entire school-hood. I don not know if every American teacher or class like Alex’s, it means a lot for me. Every time after this class, I became excited, anxious, sometimes confused.  These feelings are amazing, and I never felt before.

Unlike other courses in China, the most important thing I learnt from his class is not the conclusion I gained, but the way to re-judge and rethink the whole world. As he said in the first class, it would rock our world as long as we started to think deep. So it is. I used to think why I have to study after Gaokao (the college entrance examination, it like the eventual goal for Chinese students), and many Chinese students feel free from high school, meanwhile, they do not what to do next in college. I want to be college teacher like Alex, really, he makes me want to be a teacher like him. I can not say some great words like saving the lost generation in China, I just want to make more people think, like Alex did. And do some thing even a little, to make the education circumstance better in China. From my soul and heart, I appreciate that I could meet a teacher like Alex, sometimes I could not explain myself clear in English, even though, he understood, like friends did.

As for Alex, the person, I do not know much about him, just a few months we know each other, and I will not to describe him with such limited phrases. But I am sure that he is a good teach, I really mean it, not just for writing this recommendation. And you will know he is a good teacher through my words, and when you have a chance to listen his class.

Thanks, Sincerely.


Liang Qi