Shine, Student

It’s my great pleasure to recommend Mr. Alex Detmering for a

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teaching position, who has taught me for a semester during his tenure in Chongqing University.

It is doubtless that Mr.Detmering is liked by students throughout his career in our college. In his class, we students always feel relaxed, joyful and vigorous. He possesses an exceptional ability to connect with all levels of students so that everyone gets great chances to plunge into the content wholeheartedly. The topics he chooses to explain and discuss with us are both meaningful and extensive, from music to war, from philosophy to love, and from conformity to humanity. His excellent command over the subject and the strong abilities in writing and verbal thinking make him an outstanding professional in the field of teaching. The admirable ability of him is that he is capable of expounding a comprehensive and complicated concept in an accessible way without detracting any point from the original. Hence, it’s quite beneficial and comfortable for me to have his well-organized, well-prepared and well-polished class.

Mr.Detmering is probably the most popular foreign teacher in the campus. Beyond academics, he devotes himself in various activities, like playing tennis, hiking and taekwondo, which help us to feel his passion, persistence and power. Although he doesn’t teach our grade now, but I still audit his class and keep in touch with him regularly. Personally speaking, he is not only an amicable and knowledgeable teacher of mine(the best foreign teacher I have ever had), but also an honest friend and credible big brother, from whom I would get the instruction, with whom I would share my happiness, thanks to whom I would motivate my potential, broaden my eyesight and explore the unknown world. I am so lucky and proud to acquaint him.

His leaving is a significant loss to me and to the college, but I certainly wish Mr.Detmering all the best on the path he has chosen. Based on his extraordinary knowledge, skills and ability to teach effectively and efficiently, there is no doubt in my mind that he is an outstanding educator and he will definitely be a tremendous asset to any college. I highly recommend Mr.Detmering to you without reservation.