TLDR: Prattle, an investment data startup, had a killer offering and venture backing. But it needed a new site to spread its message. I took over the project, managing the entire rebuild of, including copy, design, and development. The finished product generated hundreds of leads at the largest financial services firms in the world and was so beloved by the executive team that they left it unchanged for years. 

Prattle was a young data startup that had just secured a $3,300,000 round of funding, and it was ready to take on the world of investing. 

It had a great story to tell about AI’s impact on asset management but didn’t have it spelled out on its most important digital property: its website. As head of marketing at Prattle, I decided it was time for a new site with updated design and a clear message for its visitors. 

From the first wireframe sketches to final mockups, I managed the production of—and usually personally created—the entirety of the new site. 

This endeavor included producing all of the art that was featured on the site; every bit of every graphic was crafted by me or my team. In addition to managing the design team, I also wrote all the copy and managed the development team as they worked to transform our mockups into live code. 

Prattle Homepage 1

Homepage product explainer, below the fold

Prattle Homepage 2

Homepage value proposition explainer, below the fold

Prattle Homepage 3

Blog section on the homepage, below the fold

Prattle Blog page 4

Top of blog homepage

Prattle about page 5

Top of About page

Prattle Team Page 6

Team page

The finished site turned the executive team’s heads. Beautiful, modern, and functional, the new take on Prattle’s online presence was exactly what the firm needed as the hub of its largely earned media and inbound-marketing strategy, generating hundreds of leads at the largest financial services firms in the world. It was so popular, in fact, that the founders have left the site largely unchanged for 3 years. 

Dan Salmo, then Director of Software Development, had this to say about the endeavor: 

“I worked with Alex on building the new website for our startup. He is a blast to work with – high energy, super smart. He has the ability to really take the lead and drive a project forward. He is a huge asset to any team. And the website redesign must have worked because we did have a successful exit with that startup.”