Producing The Honest Talks

TLDR: I knew Basis Technology needed to host an event to earn facetime with the finance services community, so I threw a huge party in NYC. We sold out, multiple times. We got awesome leads at the biggest accounts. The messaging and content killed. Everybody loved it. 

Alex and Team

My team and I before event.

Basis Technology needed to make inroads into the financial services community, but we had never thrown an industry-focused event. 

On the back of two thought-leadership booklets on AI and finance I had produced for the firm, I led the charge to create the company’s first finance event in the heart of the financial world: NYC.  

The idea was to create an invite-only, private event, with a target attendee range of 45-75. I reached out and secured the speakers, helped them reach out to their networks; I led the branding, which included doing all the concept designs; I created the theme, wrote the brochures, and led the outreach, driving signups. 

(Here are the event pages, in case you want to check them out: Eventbrite link; site page).

On top of all this, I created the presentation delivered by Basis COO Steve Cohen at the event. 

Jo Ann Tweet

Jo Ann Barefoot, regtech & compliance influencer, tweeting on The Honest Talks

The event was dynamite. 

– We hit 75 total attendees (selling out multiple times in the process, so we had to raise the registration cap)

– The sales team earned numerous follow-up meetings with target accounts and deepening our impact in the space.

Because of these results, Basis is now looking to produce several follow-up events as a series, the next one in Tokyo in November 2019.  

Gregg Schoenberg, an event attendee, TechCrunch writer, and all-around badass had this to say about the night: 

“Alex produced one of the more memorable tech-related events of my recent memory. AI is a topic that can be easily demogogued and/or saddled with tired cliches. Alex avoided all of that. The Honest Talks was compelling from start to finish, and his MCing was skillfully performed. Just as importantly, he made it all look easy.”